Claire Bradshaw - reviews
“Amanda Roocroft was helped by a very fine interpretation of Suzuki by Claire Bradshaw, utterly convincing in both gesture and voice, a thoroughly ‘Japanese’ study in devotion; the long scenes between the two women were very much the beating heart of the production.”
MusicWeb International, Glyn Pursglove
“In this revival, directed by Caroline Chaney, there are in reality few saints, perhaps with the exception of Cio-Cio-San's servant Suzuki, strongly sung by Claire Bradshaw, who is firmly in touch with reality and never compromises.”
Western Mail, Mike Smith
 “…the innocently corrupting Varvara (Claire Bradshaw,  a wonderful mezzo, sawing through the thickest of Janacek’s orchestrations)…”.
                                                   The Independent            
“Claire Bradshaw sang beautifully on warm, pliant tone”.
(Carmen) Royal Albert Hall Opera Magazine
 “Claire Bradshaw’s smiling eyes and alluring voice are perfect for Maddalena”
Financial Times
"Only Claire Bradshaw's Cherubino makes a lasting impression"
Independent on Sunday
 “The two murderous siblings were splendid………Claire Bradshaw, as Maddalena,  exuding physical appeal and fielding a fluent mezzo of considerable breadth”
The Independent
“Only the smaller parts emerged with dignity……Claire Bradshaw’s Maddalena (now there’s a Carmen in the making)”.
The Scotsman
"Claire Bradshaw's winsome Cherubino is a major asset".
Daily Telegraph
"At the risk of being invidious in selecting names for mention, mezzo-soprano Claire Bradshaw was visually and vocally delectable as the naughty-but-nice youth Cherubino".
"Claire Bradshaw's Hansel is full of hoydenish bravado....with enough vocal weight to carry over Humperdinck's often heavy orchestration".
The Times
"As for the Hansel, nothing could make you hear a young boy in Claire Bradshaw's sensual and sophisticated mezzo".
The Independent / Opera Magazine
"Claire Bradshaw's delightful Cherubino, a beguiling cross between ragamuffin and lovesick schoolboy".